An International Mystery

flynn2 - Edited (1)
Sean Flynn’s signature and US passport number on the back of a $100.00 travelers cheque.

Sean Flynn was the son of actor Errol Flynn and Lili Damita. He had a brief acting and singing career before he found his true passion of photojournalism.

In January 1966 Flynn found his way to Vietnam. There he met Tim Page another photojournalist who was the inspiration for Dennis Hopper’s character in Apocalypse Now. Flynn went to extreme ends to get his shots. He went into combat with special forces units, made a combat jump with the 101st Airborne Division, and on more than one occasion involved himself in active combat. He was wounded twice.

He went to Israel for the Six Day War in 1967 but got there too late for the military operations. He returned to Vietnam in 1968 after the Tet Offensive. He traveled to Cambodia and Laos covering the war in those countries for Time-Life and taking in the countryside.

He went to Indonesia in 1969 and returned to Vietnam in January 1970. In April 1970 he learned that the North Vietnamese Army was moving into Cambodia and he went back to Phnom Penh where he met fellow journalist Dana Stone. On April 6, 1970 Flynn and Stone rode out of the capital on motorcycles to check out a North Vietnamese roadblock.

That afternoon a French TV crew filmed the two men at the roadblock. It was the last time either of them was seen alive.

The last photograph of Sean Flynn and Dana Stone on April 6, 1970.

The general consensus is that both men were taken captive by the North Vietnamese who held them until late 1970 when they were turned over to the Khmer Rouge. They were reportedly executed in June 1971 but there are unconfirmed reports they were alive as late as 1973. Their remains have never been found.

flynn2 - Edited

flynn1 - Edited

These two travelers cheques were used by Sean Flynn. The $50.00 cheque I obtained off Ebay about 2016 from a seller in Florida. The $100.00 cheque I received from fellow collector Howard Daniel who found it in a coin shop in Vietnam sometime in the mid-2000s.

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