Happy Xmas (War is Over)

I do not know who Gloria and Eugene Conrad were. I assume he was a US military officer in WWII. The couple sent this card in 1945. It contains an odd yuletide message.

Sending Christmas greetings using paper money was apparently unique to service members in China during WWII. It may have been because the notes were colorful and inexpensive. Inflation had made the lower denomination Chinese paper money practically worthless. I have seen many examples from China but not a single one from any other part of the world.

US Army Major Don Muller wrote his Christmas greeting on this 10 yuan note from the Bank of Communications.

An otherwise anonymous Marine named Bud used this note from the Central Bank of China for his holiday message in 1946.

The stamp on this Central Bank of China 10 yuan note appears on many different types of notes. Three of the five notes I have with this stamp are signed by different people. I have not been able to connect them together so it is unknown whether the stamp was duplicated or used in only one location.

Back to the Conrads. They chose to affix a note issued by the Japanese for use in the Dutch East Indies to spread good tidings and cheer in a backhanded way. Even as a numismatist their card would have made me wince had I received it in 1945.

Merry Christmas.

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